Anti Depressants

Three Weeks On Sertraline

Trigger warning: suicidal ideation and self-injury It's been over three weeks now since I started taking sertraline, an SSRI anti-depressant. Also known as Zoloft and Lustral amongst other things. In my last blog post, I ran over the initial side effects and how it felt during the adjustment period. Now I feel as if those… Continue reading Three Weeks On Sertraline

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Thoughts On…Refusing Medication

Trigger warning: suicidal ideation. * * * I've wanted to leave this earth forever countless times. I first wrote a song about it at age 15. How unoriginally "angsty" of me. What are teenagers like, eh? Not a care in the world yet somehow still finding something to whinge about. Human despair is a strange… Continue reading Thoughts On…Refusing Medication

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The Detrimental Impact of Toxic Shame

Trigger warning: self-harm and suicidal ideation * * * Alyse Parker, a YouTuber and life coach I follow, said in one of her recent videos that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. That was definitely a thought-provoker for me. Because I spend a lot of my time… Continue reading The Detrimental Impact of Toxic Shame

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A Tentative Dip Into A New Year

This New Year is one like no other for me; I can not recall ever feeling so alien at the beginning of a year. I can not recall ever not wanting to join in with the tradition of setting resolutions and having the ability to let hope fill my heart. I hope that this is… Continue reading A Tentative Dip Into A New Year


Siddhartha’s River

  ****trigger warning: suicide****   I don't know how to write about this without seeming really selfish and I'm not trying to invite people to worry sick about me; but it really has been my reality lately that I've been tempted to look death in the face. Maybe this is a healing opportunity for me.… Continue reading Siddhartha’s River


An introduction

I've never been one to shy away from honesty with my music so why sugarcoat things here? I'm starting this blog because I have serious issues with procrastination and lack of productivity when it comes to my music. Why is this? To do music for a living is all I've ever wanted. I have daily… Continue reading An introduction