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Shadow Work + God-Consciousness

Something I've been struggling with a lot lately is social media. And just my phone in general. I'm finding it veeeeery difficult to limit my usage and I feel like my third eye is so clouded at the moment. Round about the new moon in Cancer a few weeks ago, I did have a very… Continue reading Shadow Work + God-Consciousness


Meaningful Interactions + Surges Of Joy

One day, one of my colleagues in the pharmacy brought up the perceived quandary of whether or not to wish a person accessing the needle exchange service a nice day after giving them their works. I suppose the implication was that either it's impossible to have a nice day if you're injecting heroin or that… Continue reading Meaningful Interactions + Surges Of Joy

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The Problem With “Getting Better”…

...is that it implies there is something "wrong" with you in the first place. I've had a shift in perspective recently when it comes to self help, mental illness and shadow work. It's not something that always made sense to me, that truly bringing about positive change starts with radical acceptance of where we are… Continue reading The Problem With “Getting Better”…

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“To Descend Is Also God’s Will” – Radical Acceptance, Depression + A Poem

It's been roughly a year since my last episode of depression began. That might seem like a sign that it was seasonal-affective induced. However, more than any other time of year, I typically associate late spring with being the time that I typically start to experience depression; so I think that the arrival of winter… Continue reading “To Descend Is Also God’s Will” – Radical Acceptance, Depression + A Poem

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Bliss, Despair, Terror – Meditation + The Importance Of The Spiritual Community

I mentioned to a colleague at work the other day about going to a Buddhist class one night and she said that she didn't think she'd have it in her to meditate and "sit there with no thoughts". I rushed to say to her what I say to anyone who has similar apprehensions about meditative… Continue reading Bliss, Despair, Terror – Meditation + The Importance Of The Spiritual Community


A New Normal

My last post saw me getting transparent about my addictive tendencies and how meditation and Buddhism had provided the space and support to allow that transparency to blossom. So now I'm not on retreat anymore and I don't have a 7.00am rising bell to gently coax me out of bed, or a beautiful shrine room perfumed… Continue reading A New Normal

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Healing Addiction Via Buddhism + A Happy Birthday

Since my last blog post, I've been on a week-long Buddhist retreat and celebrated my 24th birthday. I'll insert a passage from my journal reflecting on turning 24: "That's a great age," women in their 30's tell me; but in a way, I feel more pressure upon hearing that. I receive it to mean that… Continue reading Healing Addiction Via Buddhism + A Happy Birthday

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Exaltation + Indifference: Both Are Okay

On Saturday evening, I finished work after a fairly busy day (it's always busier towards the end of the day, too, because of all the cleaning that needs done, so we typically end it feeling a bit frenzied) and felt somewhat at a loss. Mothers talk about "empty nest syndrome", when they are forced to… Continue reading Exaltation + Indifference: Both Are Okay

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Thoughts On… Affirmations + Thought Control

The theory that thoughts create reality has become somewhat popular lately. The buzzwords 'affirmation' and 'manifestation' have been popping up everywhere. This current movement of people recognising themselves as creators of their own reality is intended to be an empowering one. But to what extent does this concept of 'mind-hacking' intersect with the idea of… Continue reading Thoughts On… Affirmations + Thought Control

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Praying, Faith + A Course In Miracles

I don't know if it's just in Edinburgh where it's advertised but there's ads on the side of buses sometimes that say "try praying". The last time I saw one of these ads I internally rolled my eyes. To me, praying has always been synonymous with Christianity or organised religion in general. I also thought… Continue reading Praying, Faith + A Course In Miracles