Self Care, Setting Intentions

Self Care + Self Protection – Setting Intentions

The scope of concepts, subject matter and self help techniques already covered on this blog is quite large; so for the next two similar concepts, I'll be exploring them simultaneously. Self care and self protection bring the practicalities of parenting to mind - meeting a child's fundamental needs. In my resource for self-esteem growth, it… Continue reading Self Care + Self Protection – Setting Intentions

self love, Thoughts On...

Thoughts On… A Week Of Self Love

I knew when I was starting out with this blog that I'd fall into a slump at some point. I knew it the most when the writing was flowing out of my pen and everything was new. I thought: it won't always be like this. For a creative process to be perpetually smooth sailing -… Continue reading Thoughts On… A Week Of Self Love

self love, Setting Intentions

Self Love – Setting Intentions

In the run-up to this post, I came across a well-timed Facebook post from Blurt Foundation - a charitable organisation dedicated to helping people with depression. The post was about self love and it was accompanied by a lovely diagram (see below). The self love "hedgehog" displays 7 conclusive methods to treat ourselves with more compassion and kindness.… Continue reading Self Love – Setting Intentions

self parenting, Setting Intentions

Self Parenting – Setting Intentions

So here I embark on the first step of my commitment to self-esteem growth: self parenting. Self parenting has to do with how you treat yourself and relate to yourself. It also deals with your inner conversations - approval and disapproval. In my resource for self-esteem growth, it asks the following questions: "Do we treat… Continue reading Self Parenting – Setting Intentions


An introduction

I've never been one to shy away from honesty with my music so why sugarcoat things here? I'm starting this blog because I have serious issues with procrastination and lack of productivity when it comes to my music. Why is this? To do music for a living is all I've ever wanted. I have daily… Continue reading An introduction