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“It’s Just A Joke” – The Many Faces Of Emotional Abuse

Any time I've found myself in a truly toxic situation or dynamic, it hasn't been until after the fact that I've been able to acknowledge it. It's difficult to categorise someone's words or actions as abusive when you feel fondness towards them. When you love someone - romantically or otherwise - you feel as if… Continue reading “It’s Just A Joke” – The Many Faces Of Emotional Abuse


Manifestation Series: Overcoming Doubt + Working With The Law Of Attraction

"Our dreams come into fruition when we align our thoughts, our feelings, our beliefs with them." - Alyse Brautigam Doubt is an insidious thing. It can weave its way into so many aspects of our lives and remain largely undetected. How many times do we neglect to align our actions with our higher selves out… Continue reading Manifestation Series: Overcoming Doubt + Working With The Law Of Attraction

12 Steps To Self-Esteem Growth · Thoughts On...

Thoughts On…A Year Of Self-Esteem Growth

Last July, I started blogging about self-esteem growth. I was in a very dark place last summer. I had been working in a stressful environment for months and had been entertaining unhealthy friendships that toyed with my emotions and had me questioning my self worth. Then I was diagnosed with a chronic illness and out… Continue reading Thoughts On…A Year Of Self-Esteem Growth

self love · Setting Intentions

Self Love – Setting Intentions

In the run-up to this post, I came across a well-timed Facebook post from Blurt Foundation - a charitable organisation dedicated to helping people with depression. The post was about self love and it was accompanied by a lovely diagram (see below). The self love "hedgehog" displays 7 conclusive methods to treat ourselves with more compassion and kindness.… Continue reading Self Love – Setting Intentions

self awareness · Setting Intentions

Self Awareness – Setting Intentions

"By arising in faith and watchfulness, by self-possession and self-harmony, the wise man makes an island for his soul which many waters cannot overflow." - Watchfulness, The Dhammapada The Dhammapada is a book containing what is widely believed to be the Buddha's teachings. True contentment, it seems, comes from attaining control of one's mind and… Continue reading Self Awareness – Setting Intentions

self parenting · Setting Intentions

Self Parenting – Setting Intentions

So here I embark on the first step of my commitment to self-esteem growth: self parenting. Self parenting has to do with how you treat yourself and relate to yourself. It also deals with your inner conversations - approval and disapproval. In my resource for self-esteem growth, it asks the following questions: "Do we treat… Continue reading Self Parenting – Setting Intentions