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Working Backwards: CPTSD

Chronic emotional abandonment devastates a child. It naturally makes her feel and appear deadened and depressed. Functional parents respond to a child's depression with concern and comfort. Abandoning parents respond to the child with anger, disgust and/or further abandonment, which in turn exacerbate the fear, shame and despair that become the abandonment mélange. Overreaction to… Continue reading Working Backwards: CPTSD


“The Good Old Days” – Idealisation Of Childhood + Psychological Regression

I've come across countless people who lament and long for the past, for a simpler time without sadness and worries. Maybe it's because I'm 23 and I don't feel "old" yet (although sometimes I do!) but I find it difficult to relate to this. Maybe it's because I've spent time weeding out the realities of… Continue reading “The Good Old Days” – Idealisation Of Childhood + Psychological Regression

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Thoughts On… Parenting + Forgiveness

Many people think that if you've had a particularly troubling childhood and can learn from it, it'll allow you to be confident in your style of parenting and child-rearing. I don't really feel this way. On the contrary, I am terrified of having children. I like to think that I am always growing in self-awareness… Continue reading Thoughts On… Parenting + Forgiveness