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On Loneliness "Don't date someone just because you're lonely," said my last fling when I ended things between us. Was the sheer emptiness of my life that obvious? I'd just become homeless a couple of months prior, so perhaps I was clinging to him out of despair and confusion. It's not like we were living together,… Continue reading On Loneliness

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Thoughts On…Dating Apps + A Poem

The importance of not coming off "desperate" or "clingy" cannot be overstated, it would seem, when it comes to dating. And for good reason. It can be off-putting, alarming even, for someone to respond instantaneously to every message you send them and to be perpetually agreeable and pliable. Also, venting your off-base frustrations with them… Continue reading Thoughts On…Dating Apps + A Poem

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Exaltation + Indifference: Both Are Okay

On Saturday evening, I finished work after a fairly busy day (it's always busier towards the end of the day, too, because of all the cleaning that needs done, so we typically end it feeling a bit frenzied) and felt somewhat at a loss. Mothers talk about "empty nest syndrome", when they are forced to… Continue reading Exaltation + Indifference: Both Are Okay

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🌫Power Roles + Loneliness🌫

The idea of power roles came up in my counselling session today. I was talking about the ongoing difficulty of maintaining boundaries in the relationship with my Dad. For those who have read quite a few of my blog posts (thank you!), you might be aware of the situation with my Dad; but for those… Continue reading 🌫Power Roles + Loneliness🌫

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Thoughts On… Loneliness vs. Connection

I've found there to be a lot of conflicting ideas in the spiritual community when it comes to loneliness and connection. One one hand, loneliness is perceived as being integral to the human condition, with the general advice being that if we feel lonely, what we really need is to be spending more time with ourselves.… Continue reading Thoughts On… Loneliness vs. Connection