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(Another) Life Update

I'm genuinely surprised it's been over a year since I last wrote a post! So naturally I don't know where to start. I suppose it'll be a life update. Since I last posted (June 2021), I became homeless. I still am, technically, but after 9 months in a council hostel I'm finally in a 1… Continue reading (Another) Life Update

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Life Update What's new: I'm seeing someone, kindaI'm tired almost all the time (see below)I most likely have coeliac diseaseI'm about halfway through finishing my debut EP and first project as philomenahI broke up with my therapistI'm considering switching anti-depressants About the guy I'm seeing: he's not perfect. But he is lovely. Some things about him… Continue reading Life Update

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Life Update

I've not written in a couple of months and I don't feel like I have the brain power to write anything particularly conceptual or structured. So this is just a life update, I guess. Since I last wrote, the madness of Covid-19 swept the world - throughout which I was working full-time in pharmacy. I… Continue reading Life Update

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Life Update: A Chat About Depression + Chakras

The last time I posted (which was a few weeks ago), I was feeling very motivated and I was exploring the idea of combating resistance and overcoming procrastination. I'm still feeling very excited about goals I want to achieve but I thought I'd be honest and reveal that I'm dealing with a bout of depression… Continue reading Life Update: A Chat About Depression + Chakras

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Creativity + Productivity Update #1

Today marks a month since I made my first blog post on SMUT. and Self-Esteem. In that first post, I made a commitment to self-esteem growth. I explained that I wanted to make my dreams of becoming a successful musician a reality and asserted that the only way to do this was to begin to… Continue reading Creativity + Productivity Update #1