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Shadow Work + God-Consciousness

Something I've been struggling with a lot lately is social media. And just my phone in general. I'm finding it veeeeery difficult to limit my usage and I feel like my third eye is so clouded at the moment. Round about the new moon in Cancer a few weeks ago, I did have a very… Continue reading Shadow Work + God-Consciousness

Thoughts On...

Thoughts On… Healing As An Obstacle To Success + Fulfilment

I think it's important to treat yourself kindly; to speak nicely to yourself, to be loving. One thing I noticed when I practiced a week of self parenting is that when I refrained from speaking negatively and critically to myself, I felt less compelled to be so judgemental with others. This knock-on effect blossomed like a… Continue reading Thoughts On… Healing As An Obstacle To Success + Fulfilment