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The Joy Of Performing: A Day In The Life

Technically, my day starts in the morning when I'm getting ready for work. But it really starts at night. I get home around 6.30pm and already the clock is ticking. I have to be out for around 9 or sometimes earlier so I eat whatever is easiest. On a good day, leftovers; on a not… Continue reading The Joy Of Performing: A Day In The Life

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✨ The Magic Of Solitude ✨

Today has been, so far, maybe the best day of this year. Maybe I'm overcompensating because I was so recently broken up with and, of course, I had plenty of great times with him this year before that happened. But I have always felt that the happiness experienced in solitude has a magic to it… Continue reading ✨ The Magic Of Solitude ✨

Self Responsibility, Setting Intentions

Self Responsibility – Setting Intentions

"The truth about life is, when all is said and done, each of us is responsible for our own happiness." - Dr Alex Yellowlees Self responsibility, in my opinion, is not something you can decide to have. It is a seed you plant in your mind that takes months and years to grow. The idea… Continue reading Self Responsibility – Setting Intentions

Self Acceptance, Thoughts On...

Thoughts On… A Few Days Of Self Acceptance

Things have felt much easier since I've been accepting my feelings and my situation. Last week, I went from still living out of my suitcase in my tiny room in Edinburgh to actually unpacking and trying to make myself feel at home. I put my makeup, perfume and toiletries on the shelf and bought a… Continue reading Thoughts On… A Few Days Of Self Acceptance