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🌫Power Roles + Loneliness🌫

The idea of power roles came up in my counselling session today. I was talking about the ongoing difficulty of maintaining boundaries in the relationship with my Dad. For those who have read quite a few of my blog posts (thank you!), you might be aware of the situation with my Dad; but for those… Continue reading 🌫Power Roles + Loneliness🌫

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Thoughts On… Five Years Of Emotional Separation

Some things in life do not require constant practice to maintain a base level of skill; riding a bike, for example. Visiting my Dad again after having not done so for 5 years was like this. Except it was as if I had the experience of countless bloody falls and grazes to remind me to… Continue reading Thoughts On… Five Years Of Emotional Separation


Enmeshment – Seductive Behaviour

I've wanted to write this post for a while. I said I would write about the sexually-charged aspect of enmeshment when I wrote my first post on this topic - Enmeshment + Codependency: A Tangled Web - but it's difficult because I'm embarrassed and ashamed. Is it possible to isolate the idea of sexuality from the term… Continue reading Enmeshment – Seductive Behaviour

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Enmeshment + Codependency: A Tangled Web

I've touched on this topic briefly in a couple of blog posts but haven't attempted to go into much detail because enmeshment and codependency are very complex concepts. Explaining it is even more complex - especially if the people you are sharing this with have never gone through it themselves. That's not to undermine the… Continue reading Enmeshment + Codependency: A Tangled Web

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Self Reliance – Setting Intentions

"Self reliance is about making a commitment to becoming less dependent on others, practically and emotionally, and to building up our sense of self confidence and self-competence. It may mean learning a new skill or attending a course for example, or beginning to grow out of a childlike relationship with a parental figure." - Dr… Continue reading Self Reliance – Setting Intentions