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Why I Won’t Give Up Junk Food: Healthy Eating + Elitism

In the past few years, in western society, I feel like we've seen a huge shift in consciousness take place surrounding health and wellness - more specifically with healthy eating. This is partly due to the luxury of the internet and having instant access to boundless information about nutrition, ethics etc. I myself follow a… Continue reading Why I Won’t Give Up Junk Food: Healthy Eating + Elitism


My Experiences With Disordered Eating

"Disordered eating refers to a wide range of abnormal eating behaviours, many of which are shared with diagnosed eating disorders. The main thing differentiating disordered eating from an eating disorder is the level of severity and frequency of behaviours." - Eating Disorders Victoria I was one of those kids that was extremely fussy when it came… Continue reading My Experiences With Disordered Eating