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Thoughts On… Healing As An Obstacle To Success + Fulfilment

I think it's important to treat yourself kindly; to speak nicely to yourself, to be loving. One thing I noticed when I practiced a week of self parenting is that when I refrained from speaking negatively and critically to myself, I felt less compelled to be so judgemental with others. This knock-on effect blossomed like a… Continue reading Thoughts On… Healing As An Obstacle To Success + Fulfilment

Creativity + Productivity Updates

Creativity + Productivity Update #3

An update on creativity is much overdue! Although I still haven't uploaded a new song in a few months, I have been writing them. And something I've noticed lately is that my songwriting is becoming increasingly reflective of my spiritual practice. I've always strived for honesty and vulnerability in my songwriting but I thought that… Continue reading Creativity + Productivity Update #3

self awareness · Setting Intentions

Self Awareness – Setting Intentions

"By arising in faith and watchfulness, by self-possession and self-harmony, the wise man makes an island for his soul which many waters cannot overflow." - Watchfulness, The Dhammapada The Dhammapada is a book containing what is widely believed to be the Buddha's teachings. True contentment, it seems, comes from attaining control of one's mind and… Continue reading Self Awareness – Setting Intentions