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Somebody Else

Trigger warning: disordered eating, restriction and emotional abuse * * * First of all, and potentially last of all, she's prettier than me. There was a sinking feeling of sorts, when I happened across her page. Ah, I see it. I see what he sees in her. Because she's prettier than me. Prettier than me,… Continue reading Somebody Else

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Life Update

I've not written in a couple of months and I don't feel like I have the brain power to write anything particularly conceptual or structured. So this is just a life update, I guess. Since I last wrote, the madness of Covid-19 swept the world - throughout which I was working full-time in pharmacy. I… Continue reading Life Update


Meaningful Interactions + Surges Of Joy

One day, one of my colleagues in the pharmacy brought up the perceived quandary of whether or not to wish a person accessing the needle exchange service a nice day after giving them their works. I suppose the implication was that either it's impossible to have a nice day if you're injecting heroin or that… Continue reading Meaningful Interactions + Surges Of Joy

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I Wanted To Share With You

I wanted to share with you. I had a list, in fact, of topics and prompts which would set this room aglow with pure connection. We would talk about boundaries and how well I'm setting and maintaining them, we'd talk about anger and grief and how well I'm navigating and managing them, we'd talk about… Continue reading I Wanted To Share With You

Thoughts On...

“Why Are You Single?”: The Bizarre Idealisation of Relationships

Being in a relationship is something of a security blanket for many people. Like an "at least I'm not alone" sort of thing. The presence of a significant other can absolutely add value to our lives and provide a form of support through adversity; but it's simply irrational to regard anyone in a relationship as… Continue reading “Why Are You Single?”: The Bizarre Idealisation of Relationships

Self Forgiveness

Self Forgiveness – Setting Intentions

Making big life decisions typically involves making sacrifices. When these sacrifices affect others, it can be difficult not to internalise guilt. It's not necessarily as easy as "doing what makes you happy" when this affects the happiness of others and, in turn, when you account for the guilt, your own. I read something today that… Continue reading Self Forgiveness – Setting Intentions