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Why I Won’t Give Up Junk Food: Healthy Eating + Elitism

In the past few years, in western society, I feel like we've seen a huge shift in consciousness take place surrounding health and wellness - more specifically with healthy eating. This is partly due to the luxury of the internet and having instant access to boundless information about nutrition, ethics etc. I myself follow a… Continue reading Why I Won’t Give Up Junk Food: Healthy Eating + Elitism

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Treatment Resistance: The Biggest Heartbreak

At work in the pharmacy yesterday, the pharmacist and I were discussing substance misuse and its tragic detriments on people affected by it. "It's not a life you'd choose," she said. And rightfully so. This is always my stance on the subject. And not just in the context of substance misuse but any lifestyle choice that… Continue reading Treatment Resistance: The Biggest Heartbreak