So Filled With Beauty, So Filled With Pain

The past couple of days I have felt very open to emotional experience and very willing to love. I worked in a very hectic pharmacy yesterday, and with a pharmacist who had a somewhat bad reputation within the company. She was obsessive, eccentric, intellectually-preocuppied, highly methodical and certainly neurotic. But she was also intensely likeable.… Continue reading So Filled With Beauty, So Filled With Pain

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The Muddy Waters Of Covert Anxiety

I didn't think I'd see myself writing another post about anxiety - at least not in the context of my current experience. I wrote one particular post a while ago going in depth about my experiences with diagnosed anxiety and agoraphobia; and how receiving cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) dramatically improved my symptoms. Something I've been… Continue reading The Muddy Waters Of Covert Anxiety

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The Nuance of Depression + Recovery

In my last post, I discussed briefly the role of free will in the context of mental illness. It's such a colossal subject with so much scope to cover that of course I only scratched the surface. Today, I want to go into slightly more depth with this as my prompt: In the comment section… Continue reading The Nuance of Depression + Recovery

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Mental Illness + Free Will

I wrote a post about free will as it pertains to abuse a little while ago. The concept of free will interests me on a philosophical and psychological level because I think it's so nuanced. The main question it boils down to are the statements: you can't help it or you can help it. You can't help sleeping all… Continue reading Mental Illness + Free Will


How To Deal With Anger + Overwhelm

I'm no stranger to being angry or overwhelmed. These days I'm reasonably good at hiding my anger, so people are usually quite surprised when I tell them I have a temper. But it's there! It kinda runs on both sides of the family - my Mam and Dad can both be pretty irritable - and… Continue reading How To Deal With Anger + Overwhelm


“Depression Isn’t Sadness, It’s Feeling Nothing At All” + Other Myths…

Depressed individuals tend to be more sensitive than the average person. We can feel disgruntled, victimised by our illness, alone and desperate for someone to understand. This can mean that when we see a representation of depression that does not resonate with us, we feel angry. "Great, another misconception - this is not what it's… Continue reading “Depression Isn’t Sadness, It’s Feeling Nothing At All” + Other Myths…


My Experiences With Disordered Eating

"Disordered eating refers to a wide range of abnormal eating behaviours, many of which are shared with diagnosed eating disorders. The main thing differentiating disordered eating from an eating disorder is the level of severity and frequency of behaviours." - Eating Disorders Victoria I was one of those kids that was extremely fussy when it came… Continue reading My Experiences With Disordered Eating

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The Downside Of Medication As First Line Treatment For Anxiety + Depression

I watched a video recently about Lil Xan, a rapper from California who has been very candid about his drug abuse. In the past, he was very reliant upon benzodiazepines and opioids but he is supposedly clean or becoming clean now - although this has been disputed by many. There was one part of the… Continue reading The Downside Of Medication As First Line Treatment For Anxiety + Depression

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Anxiety – The Coping Mechanism That Changed My Life

Anxiety is something that's garnered a lot of attention lately. In some ways that's a good thing. People now feel less strange for struggling with these irrational feelings. And in some ways it's a bad thing. With the rise of technological advances and social media has come a rise in self-diagnosis: girls on tumblr feigning… Continue reading Anxiety – The Coping Mechanism That Changed My Life