“The Good Old Days” – Idealisation Of Childhood + Psychological Regression

I've come across countless people who lament and long for the past, for a simpler time without sadness and worries. Maybe it's because I'm 23 and I don't feel "old" yet (although sometimes I do!) but I find it difficult to relate to this. Maybe it's because I've spent time weeding out the realities of… Continue reading “The Good Old Days” – Idealisation Of Childhood + Psychological Regression

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Treatment Resistance: The Biggest Heartbreak

At work in the pharmacy yesterday, the pharmacist and I were discussing substance misuse and its tragic detriments on people affected by it. "It's not a life you'd choose," she said. And rightfully so. This is always my stance on the subject. And not just in the context of substance misuse but any lifestyle choice that… Continue reading Treatment Resistance: The Biggest Heartbreak

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Enmeshment + Codependency: A Tangled Web

I've touched on this topic briefly in a couple of blog posts but haven't attempted to go into much detail because enmeshment and codependency are very complex concepts. Explaining it is even more complex - especially if the people you are sharing this with have never gone through it themselves. That's not to undermine the… Continue reading Enmeshment + Codependency: A Tangled Web