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Dating With Depression? Today I want to discuss the idea that you should wait until you're in a "good place" before you enter into relationship with someone else, and the degree to which this is an ableist perspective in the context of mental illness. I'm fairly happy being single at the moment. I feel as if… Continue reading Dating With Depression?

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Thoughts On…Refusing Medication

Trigger warning: suicidal ideation. * * * I've wanted to leave this earth forever countless times. I first wrote a song about it at age 15. How unoriginally "angsty" of me. What are teenagers like, eh? Not a care in the world yet somehow still finding something to whinge about. Human despair is a strange… Continue reading Thoughts On…Refusing Medication


“They Live Chaotic Lives”

I wake up with dread and a sense of defeatism - as is fairly common with me these days. As if my eyes have been gouged out at the lid. Sleep deprivation is cumulative and, like a scar being ripped open repeatedly, it's not something which is ever rectified after one day of abstinence from… Continue reading “They Live Chaotic Lives”

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Desire Is Not Respect: Attraction + Trauma Bonding

Something that's changed for me significantly in the past few years is the way I approach attraction and romantic interest. This is quite encouraging for me because experiencing frequent bouts of depression sometimes makes me feel that everything is stagnant and that there's no point to anything; so it's really nice to feel like despite… Continue reading Desire Is Not Respect: Attraction + Trauma Bonding

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Thoughts On…The Scrutiny Of Women

* * * "Your legs are are getting astronomically long!" my Dad exclaimed one day, surveying my body. "In fact, your thighs are about 4 inches longer than what they should be." I laughed, taking this as a compliment. This was the usual - if it was a joke, then I couldn't rightfully be hurt… Continue reading Thoughts On…The Scrutiny Of Women

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The Nuance of Depression + Recovery

In my last post, I discussed briefly the role of free will in the context of mental illness. It's such a colossal subject with so much scope to cover that of course I only scratched the surface. Today, I want to go into slightly more depth with this as my prompt: In the comment section… Continue reading The Nuance of Depression + Recovery

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Selfies + “Pick Me” Culture

As a general rule, people try to make themselves look appealing in selfies - that kinda goes without saying. Dr. Jenn Hardy, a psychologist on Instagram, has a post encouraging people to take more pictures of themselves. Her reasoning is that lots of people regret not documenting their lives more visually as they get older.… Continue reading Selfies + “Pick Me” Culture