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✨ The Magic Of Solitude ✨

Today has been, so far, maybe the best day of this year. Maybe I'm overcompensating because I was so recently broken up with and, of course, I had plenty of great times with him this year before that happened. But I have always felt that the happiness experienced in solitude has a magic to it… Continue reading ✨ The Magic Of Solitude ✨

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Thoughts On… Affirmations + Thought Control

The theory that thoughts create reality has become somewhat popular lately. The buzzwords 'affirmation' and 'manifestation' have been popping up everywhere. This current movement of people recognising themselves as creators of their own reality is intended to be an empowering one. But to what extent does this concept of 'mind-hacking' intersect with the idea of… Continue reading Thoughts On… Affirmations + Thought Control

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Life Update: A Chat About Depression + Chakras

The last time I posted (which was a few weeks ago), I was feeling very motivated and I was exploring the idea of combating resistance and overcoming procrastination. I'm still feeling very excited about goals I want to achieve but I thought I'd be honest and reveal that I'm dealing with a bout of depression… Continue reading Life Update: A Chat About Depression + Chakras


Peak Experiences: You Might Feel Good After You Meditate – That’s Not The Point

"There are many ways to obtain altered states of mind. These special states are addictive. It feels so good to break free from our mundane experience. We want more. For example, new meditators often expect that with training they can transcend the pain of ordinary life. It's disappointing, to say the least, to be told… Continue reading Peak Experiences: You Might Feel Good After You Meditate – That’s Not The Point