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Shadow Work + God-Consciousness

Something I've been struggling with a lot lately is social media. And just my phone in general. I'm finding it veeeeery difficult to limit my usage and I feel like my third eye is so clouded at the moment. Round about the new moon in Cancer a few weeks ago, I did have a very… Continue reading Shadow Work + God-Consciousness

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Mental Illness + Free Will

I wrote a post about free will as it pertains to abuse a little while ago. The concept of free will interests me on a philosophical and psychological level because I think it's so nuanced. The main question it boils down to are the statements: you can't help it or you can help it. You can't help sleeping all… Continue reading Mental Illness + Free Will

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Thoughts On… A Week Of Self Responsibility

In all honesty, this week has been a blur. I remember because I didn't do my weekly planner until Friday. I did however, do all the college assignments I needed to do. It's just that when it came to myself this week, most things fell to the wayside. Seems a bit hilarious admitting this when… Continue reading Thoughts On… A Week Of Self Responsibility

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Self Responsibility – Setting Intentions

"The truth about life is, when all is said and done, each of us is responsible for our own happiness." - Dr Alex Yellowlees Self responsibility, in my opinion, is not something you can decide to have. It is a seed you plant in your mind that takes months and years to grow. The idea… Continue reading Self Responsibility – Setting Intentions