Self Determination, Thoughts On...

Thoughts On… A Week of Self Determination

"I've started to realise that everyone's afraid. From the people who speed past red lights to people who complain endlessly. Scared of not having enough, scared of not being enough. Scared of loneliness, scared of isolation. Scared of death, of running out of time. Scared of suffering, scared of rejection. And in this way we… Continue reading Thoughts On… A Week of Self Determination

Self Determination, Setting Intentions

Self Determination – Setting Intentions

I think that determination can be most easily described as persevering even when you don't want to. In this way, it's tied to the concept of discipline. And I think that the reason a lot of us struggle with determination and discipline is because we don't believe we'll achieve that which we're striving for -… Continue reading Self Determination – Setting Intentions